I thought I was making an all-ages playground, but really I was making a spiral staircase, treehouse, and slide so that there would be a reason to use the pulley system to pass the coffee bags back up for those coming behind. I have learned that an experience must be imbued with intention, detail, and rites of passage to create the right emotional moment for someone to be ready to receive whatever it is you want to give them. 


I craft spaces and experiences that make those moments of openness and connection. I love collaborating, consulting, constructing, and problem-solving.   


Sometimes I use technology to make experiences multisensory and reactive. Other times guiding someone to an island to find their godfather in a driftwood hut makes the most impact. I have a propensity for making experiences just for your head - very space efficient.


I have worked as an artist, mediator, teacher, technologist, and producer. In all of these roles, I work with the belief that change is possible if you build the right path. I am currently transforming a tugboat into a cultural residency and mobile laboratory. I bring curiosity, adventure, and empathic sensitivity into everything I create.  

I live in Brooklyn, NY. I'll travel anywhere.

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Top two photos by me
Bottom photo by Tod Seelie