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Danielle Isadora Butler is an experience designer, professor, producer, and collaborator, She designs experiences, installations, and objects that create opportunities for emotional connection.


Danielle has made playgrounds that teach about cooperation, multi-sensory poetry archives that get you ready to listen, large-scale games that connect to the place you're in, and floating jazz clubs to prototype new ways to interact with New York Harbor. 


Danielle's skill for design, production, and facilitation pull from her previous work in restorative justice, arts education, creative technology, and circus. Danielle believes that relationship building and self-guided discovery are key to engaging people in issues that feel too large or abstract.


Danielle is passionate about improving access to the water and expanding New Yorker's relationship to their harbor through creative interventions. She is co-founder of the Tideland Institute and co-founder and dean of the micro grant-giving organization Awesome On The Water.

Danielle loves collaborating, consulting, constructing, and problem-solving.  She's based in NYC and happy to travel for an intriguing project.  


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