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Guest POV
photo by Tod Seelie

Human Car Wash

I like to make experiences where you can't see what's coming. You can only know if you put your body inside it. The experience works even better if, on arrival, you have to recalibrate how you were using your senses.    

The Carwash is inspired by the dream of going through a carwash as a kid. A series of scrubbing, swooshing, fwapping moments that lead, of course, to a mini, epic dance floor/personal wind tunnel. No water was used.

I made the Car Wash for Shadow Traffic's Lost Horizon Night Market - a one evening event where anyone can make an experience inside a box truck. There is a lot of line waiting. The Car Wash accounts for this by being a satisfying, multisensory experience that also moves people through continuously in a U shape with a separate entrance and exit. Afterward, people reported feeling cleaner. 

It is made using all found objects and trash. 

This truck feels like the first draft of a project I should make again. If you need a playful, immersive, and high-volume experience let me know. 


Gothamist Article  

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