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In Your Space

In Your Space is a stop motion animation using paper cutouts and Dragonframe. Using childish shapes and characters we tell a simple story of empathy.

Role: Co-Creator

ToolsStop Motion, Dragon Effects

Collaborators: Michelle Hessel, Kevin Stirnweis

Growing from the Ground

Collage is an amazing way to create surreal content through the recombining of known elements. This AE animation is a shifting dreamscape examining city living, perspective, and change.

Role: Creator

ToolsCollage, After Effects

Digital Sandtray 

Digital Sandtray is a speculative look into what a digital collage tool might look like. The theoretical tool would allow the users to explore databases like those of the New York Public Library and allow video clips to be used compositions. The collage could then be saved, shared, or projected.

Role: Creator

Tools:After Effects, Video, Premiere 

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