New York's Most

Socially Distant Office

The Socially Distant Office was created to speak to the collective experience and newly forged norms of the pandemic era with humor and understanding. It's a niche joke that everyone gets. It's a joke designed to make people feel seen.  

New York's Most Socially Distant Office is a collaboration between Improv Everywhere and The Tideland Institute (that's me) culminating in this video and some amazing zoom conversations.

The project plays with the collective mindset and newly known needs of this exact moment. Never before would the image of someone working on a raft anchored in New York Harbor tell such a detailed and resonant story of our fears and struggles. It also responds to our need for more joy and humor in the face of hardship. Videos of the raft went viral - indicating that indeed the joke hit home. 

The raft also fulfills my continuous ambition to help people see water as space.  

Co-Creator, Fabrication, Snack Boat Captain

Collaboration with N.D. Austin and Improv Everywhere

So much press

Photos by Thomas Concordia